Traveling Again

Soon I will be traveling again. Heading to Puerto Rico. My Dads first DNA hit was a Taino in PR. I cant wait to see this beautiful Island.

Have a stop in Antigua, St Thomas, St Kitts and Martinique..

10 wonderful days of leisure and sight seeing.


Time Passes

Life has a way of allowing time to pass so quickly that you hardly feel you even are living. Did I do something special every day. Did I tell my loved ones I Love them today. Why cant people that have known me all my life still not know how to pronounce my name? -its three syllables not one or two…three! I know i am being a jerk, Sometimes you feel like being a jerk. Why did my parents give me a name when people are not going to use it correctly. That patty I guess.

I just want to say I love those old tv shows. George and Gracie…The Little rascals…Laramie…Wonder why?

And If I had been taught early on that people were evil and could turn into monsters my life today would be so much easier. All people are not good.


One week, and have been so very busy doing things with family and friends. Dinners out, a play at local theater, the beach, the pool, moms and had mom out for Chinese food today. Keeping Tripp has been the biggest plus. My grandson is the greatest joy. I don’t exactly know what God has in store for me yet, when the door opens I can only pray I can see it and jump in.Image